Saturday, September 24, 2005

A poem by Aakash and The Response of the Pool

Right there...

Inside your closed eyes
Let me watch my n'th dream
Beneath the shadow of your lashes
I shall rest for a while

Let your brow play my tired soul
A lullaby off-white
Seeking within the iris black
The eloped darkness of night

While i seek sleep...

- Aakash

The Response of the Pool

And the eloped darkness of the night
Gives way to a dawn
That re-opens the circle -
My cold grave is dug again.

As I open my eyes
I am doused
In the crimson sundrops
Screaming for reasons
In the seething black of the iris
In the fading shadow of the lashes...


clueless me said...

wallah..!! u have had some rockin place here mandy..

i read through esmeralda again after ur post on it being a lesbian poem.. and that is when i perhaps underestood the essence of it.. amazing work of it babe..

I and insanities show how even words can be made to breathe life..

im with u in ur addiction of pain.. lets roll another joint..!!

clueless me said...

that above is Me.. on blogspot..!!