Monday, September 12, 2005



Oh yet another dance
One more waltz
Clasping your hand in mine
As fireflies plunge to flames
And we play games
Drawing patterns with fingers of ice
On each other's walls,
Walls of the stormy city
We built

Through the nights of winds
And blind moths in your hair
Through the raindrop haze
On the skylight
I hold out for the thirsty hour
You craved
For a drop of Eternity
On the blood-red curve of your lips
The curve beyond which
An obscure street
An ignorant crowd
Breathing, writhing, seething
Asks -
"And how many years
And how many tears
Would you waste
Locked in a forbidden love?"

What if,
Then the violins stop
Then the curtains drop...

Would your footfall recede
From the spot
The sunset was spilled
Like red wine on the dancefloor?

But the rain pours on
Through the night and fog
Like the insane mutterings
Of a lover in throes of pain
All the lovers we left behind
At another space
In another time
Embracing Life and Death
In a whirlwind swish
You and me

The paradise we seek has drifted
In the moss-grown woods
That layer the city
Brimming, spilling
The droplet of poison in the veins
Reaching for the heart,
Iced blood...
And the violins stopped
And the curtains dropped


...And I
Hold out for the thirsty hour
You craved
For a drop of Eternity
For a drop of Eternity

For the last dance that's left.

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